Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remember this...?

I think I've been intimidated by the blogging skills of my extended family, but every time I read the blog of my sister-in-law, Kym, I'm inspired to try again. And I KNOW I can blog - I was Xanga queen back when I was 17... In retrospect, Xanga was definitely not as cool as we all thought it was... everyone making their teenage angst known to the world. Whether they were teenaged or not. Whether "the world" wanted it or not. I remember that you could pay $100 to have a "lifelong subscription", which entitled you to post five pictures with each entry! I seriously considered it! However, most 17-year-olds didn't have $100 back in 2002, and I was no exception. Anyhow, the length of my "lifelong subscription" would have been about five months. After all, Facebook let you post as many pictures as you wanted, there was little angst, and ZERO 13-year-olds! (at that point in time, at least) I made the leap straight from Xanga to Facebook. None of that flashy MySpace for me. I considered myself way too classy for that! :)
So now, in 2010 I have a 20-month-old and life is pretty calm. What better time to work on a blog, right? :)