Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ermahgersh! Conspiracy!

If you've never seen those memes with the retainer-lisp girl, I insist that you stop reading this and go Google it now. I feel completely justified in poking some fun at the aforementioned speech difficulty because oh.dear.lord did I go through some orthodontic h-e-doublehockeysticks. (This fake swear is especially appropriate here. I literally had some kind of hockey-looking mouth guard wired into my gums from 6th to 7th grade. I was hot.)

There's actually a point to this post, I promise. For about four years, I've been in this epic intellectual battle over vaccinating vs not vaccinating. Aaron and I always land on the decision that we aren't going to do any(more) immunizations for our boys. But then one of those foaming at the mouth anti-vaccine moms comes across my path. Mmmhmm, you know the type. Aggressive. Judgmental. Flippin' crazy. I usually get an irrational desire for a shingles vaccine after an encounter with one of these moms, which is only intensified when Walgreens offers $25 in coupons if you get the shot there. (!!!) If you know me, you know how I lo-ove a good coupon! But, no. I've done a lot of research, leaned into the knowledge of some really wise people, I've taken some fairly advanced science/microbiology - all of this plays into our (hopefully) well thought out and intentional decision.

Then there's this part of my brain that I don't often access. The part that may occasionally entertain a conspiracy theory or two. I'm pretty sure this is perfectly normal. (Nope. I'm pretty sure I'm a freak and this is my way of fishing for validation) At the end of the day, I can rest assured that conspiracy theories are for the birds. And Mel Gibson. (Is that movie on Netflix? I totally want to watch it again). This little bubble of good-feeling goes away real fast when I come across things like this. 

So, I think I'm summarizing Bill Gates correctly here ... There are a lot of people on this earth and people require services (i.e. the production of food and clothing). These services require energy use, which emits additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, allegedly causing global warming and trashing the planet. A trashed planet really cramps the style of important people... like Bill and Melinda Gates. One of his points in this presentation is that a decrease in the human population in years to come would lower Co2 emissions, and I quote, 
"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion.
 Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, 
we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

In all fairness, there is an obvious bias to the link I posted, and there are probably a couple different things Bill could have meant here. In my book, none of them are good or humanitarian or ethical. What a good reminder that ultimately WE are responsible for our health and our family. Doctors are wonderful, but they are neither God nor the final authority when it comes to our health and well-being. Four and a half years ago, I got to decide about whether or not to immunize my little guy. When Landon was born in February, I sat with my pediatrician and talked about how I wasn't comfortable with my sweet little man getting 80+ immunizations by the time he's six years old. That number is just shocking to me and that is a heckuva lot of chemicals. The doctor kindly refrained from rolling their eyes (too much) and then told me that if we didn't follow their immunization schedule, we had to find another doctor. I don't know if this change in policy is related to a certain big political change that occurred about four years ago, but that, my friends, is not my idea of freedom. 

These are all just things rolling around in my mind as I try to be a responsible voter this next month. Once November 7th hits, my blog posts will regress to absolute drivel, which unlike politics and healthcare, I consider myself to be quite an authority on! In the meantime, ermahgersh!

Monday, October 15, 2012

On Christians and Chocolate...

I heard someone say once that God's reputation is woefully tied to how Christians represent Him. And Christians do funny things. Just to clarify, I definitely include myself in this group. We get ALL hung up on some issues and are really apathetic about others. God's been working on my heart about this a LOT. One of my Facebook friends posted something during the Chick-fil-a debacle, and I'm going to straight out quote him - maybe I'll tell him, maybe not. :)

For all these Christians who voted in favor of this (North Carolina gay marriage ban) why aren't they petitioning to ban divorce as well? That's against "the laws of God" too, just read Matthew 19:6 and Mark 10:11. They can't even use the "well, it's in the Old Testament so I can ignore it!" excuse on this one."

Boom. Roasted. You know it's true. 

Or during the VP debate last week, my FB feed was filled with my Christian-ey friends saying things like "Joe Biden is so rude and disrespectful, I just want to punch him in the face!" Now, I enjoy mocking political ridiculousness as much as the next guy. If I'm having serious cognitive dissonance over these statements, though, I can only imagine what people who aren't sold on "the whole God thing" must think. 

THEN, there are those issues that only liberals and/or celebrities and Al Gore get excited about, like global warming and the Republican agenda against Sesame Street. Back in April I read. "It's Earth Day! Or, as evangelical Christians like to call it, Thursday." (Yes, this will be my FB status on Earth Day 2013. Please pretend I'm witty and original.)

Seriously though, the issue that's ripping my heart out right now is child labor. It started with reading this: 

The inconvenient truth about your Halloween candy

and this

Buying ethical Halloween candy

and this

Nestle child labor violations

So, what's a girl to do with Halloween right around the bend? I won't be buying any candy, as I am the Scroogey lady who turns out the lights and pretends we're not home on Halloween night. However, by just walking around trick-or-treating with my four-year-old, am I just causing more demand for candy, chocolate, workers and very probably trafficked kids? And why am I even wrestling with something so small as giving up non-fair trade candy? Shouldn't this be a no-brainer?       

Sorry, God. When it comes to being like You, I'm just terrible. I'm sorry Your reputation is so woefully tied to how I represent You. But don't give up on me - I hope by tomorrow, next week and next year I'll a little bit more like You and little bit less... well...like me.  

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Every time I start to blog, I see these two really old posts that I wrote. The first is a blissfully happy "We are about to buy the best little condo on the planet! We will be so happy there!"


 Or you'll rue the day you signed the papers for those 560 very overpriced square feet. The next is from 2009 or so and is some nonsense about how I'm going to start blogging. I usually mutter something like, "The world doesn't need any more of THAT" and log off. Then I promptly update my Facebook status with something vastly more  important, like a picture of the salad I made for lunch.  Because who doesn't love a good salad picture? :)   But maybe this time I'll really start writing consistently? Either that or I'll be back in 2015 subjecting the world to another post just.like.this. :)